Questions about multi-storage

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(width) × (depth) × (height) = 80CM × 40CM × 180CM

SpeedRack style is inserting the pillar and the shelf together without bolt & nut

Yes. It is possible in free style. You can adjust the height as you want.

100kg storage is possible in each shelf

Yes. It is possible. Ask seller.

SpeedRack steel do not get rusty by the method with which surface 250 degree heat treatment

power-coating without using normal paint product.

Since the material of the pillar and the support rim is steel, powder of powder-coating can

fall down and frames can be scratched.

When you assemble the support rim to the pillar, square bump part of the support rim must

be settled to the end of pillar hole in order not to be shaken.

It is not possible to assembly without assembling tool

Must use urethane hammer or steel hammer(covered by patch) to hit.

Complete assembly following the video footage containing assembly example.

Check whether not fixed place exists and store objects